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Glass Fabric Wall Coverings


serv4The base material consists of very thin glass yarn spun from molten glass. The glass can be pulled into the finest filaments, forming the base material for glass fabrics. Compared to traditional wall coverings, textile glass is extremely impact resistant and hard-wearing. It is particularly suitable for use in busy areas. Compared with other wall coverings, its wall-strengthening properties are considerably higher. This gives glass fabrics the special ability to bridge existing cracks and prevent the formation of new cracks. Walls are also protected from damage through impact or abrasion.

fab1 Impact and perforation resistance fab2 Tear resistant and crack bridging
fab3 Abrasion and scrub resistance* fab4 Resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents*
fab5 Water vapour-permeable fab6 Resistance to fire
fab7 Non-toxic and food-safe fab8 Suitable for allergy sufferers
fab9 Oeko-Tex certified fab10 CE declaration of conformity

In combination with the corresponding coating systems.

Wall coverings are an integral part of sustainable building systems. To assess the sustainability of projects, building certification programs such as the internationally recognized LEED® rating systems have to be used. Based on their technical and ecological features, SYSTEXX wall coverings can contribute to a positive assessment in green building certification programs and facilitate certifications.


Traditional wall coverings are cheaper in the short run but, if heavily used, must be redone every 2 to 5 years. Considering the 30-year lifespan, long intervals between renovations and low maintenance costs, SYSTEXX breaks even in a cost comparison after just five years.


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