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Concrete Floor Polishing & Dying


serv2Concrete Polishing the emerging trend in India and it has range of advantages over the floor coating available in the construction market. Concrete Polishing can be done literally on any concrete floor either its new or old provided the quality and Grade of the concrete is up to standard. Concrete Polishing is the process of exposing the hard aggregates in the concrete by slicing the top layer of the concrete floor by grinding machine and then making the top layer hard using densifiers and protecting it with penetrating sealants. Concrete Polishing has enormous advantage over floor coating and untreated concrete floor which has to be kept in mind by customer while choosing the right solutions.

  • Periodical Replacing of Floor Coverings
  • Doesn’t Require any kind of wax polishing to attain glossy finish
  • No Need of surface preparation
  • No Concrete Dusting
  • Any Surface can be polished
  • Increased Floor Reflectance results in the electricity savings by minimizing the lighting
  • Less Slippery
  • It’s highly economical since we are eliminating the unwanted surface coating.
  • Increased life of Truck Tires due to the level and smooth concrete floor.
  • Easy Maintenance. Just Mop and Clean Regularly.
  • Enormous savings due less maintenance.
  • Way to get LEED points to attain Green Building Status.

Like Floor Toppings / Coating, Polished Concrete floor can be also dyed with almost any color required. Wide range of color shades are available for dying of polished concret.


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