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Building Repair & Retrofitting


serv1Maintaining the Building in good shape is the sign of growth of the Company or any Organization. Repair of Building is either carried due to deterioration of the building during its life period or due to damages caused by natural or artificial calamities or due to poor construction practices. Retrofitting of building is carried out when the structure is under designed or its capacity to be increased due to change in the load envisaged before construction.

Navie Teknokem  is equipped with experts in the field, who can assess the building design requirement for the new demand & carry out the Strengthening of the structure. In our two decades of services we have carried out many prestigious repair & retrofitting of the structures which still holds our name upfront in the industry as monuments. Repair and Retrofitting methods we widely adopt are listed below.

  • Carbon Fiber Sheets (Unidirectional / Bidirectional)
  • Carbon Fiber Laminates
  • Epoxy Resins
  • Micro Concrete / Grout
  • Polymer Concrete / Grout
  • Reinforced Concrete


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