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Retrofitting Composite Materials


Carbon Fiber Sheets &Laminates are used to strengthen existing structural members. Similar to bonding steel plates onto a structure,Carbon Fiber Sheets & Laminates provide additional reinforcement that strengthens and stiffens existing structures. Unlike steel plates, however, Laminates are lightweight, easy to install, and will not corrode. Depending on the application, the laminate is bonded using an epoxy resin specifically suited for the installation. The result is an externally bonded reinforcement system that offers outstanding long term physical and mechanical properties.

Features Benefits
Cost effective repair Alternative to traditional supplemental strengthening methods by reducing installed costs to the owner
High strength to weight ratio Can add significant strength to a structure without adding significant dead load
Will not corrode Offers an extremely durable repair even in exterior applications
Easy installation Can be installed quickly, even in areas of limited access
Low aesthetic impact Easy to conceal, will not significantly change existing member dimensions, will form around complex surfaces

Areas of Application:

  • Increase load bearing capacity of concrete beamsand slabs
  • Restore structural capacity to damaged ordeteriorated concrete structures
  • Substitute reinforcing steel mistakenly omitted inthe construction of concrete and masonrystructures
  • Improve the seismic response of shear walls andcollector elements
  • Improve the blast resistance of concrete andmasonry structures
  • Strengthening steel and timber structures


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