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Quick Setting Repair Materials& Grouts


Quick Setting Repair Materials widely used in industries to resume their scheduled work immediately after the repair. To meet this demand quick setting repair materials offers faster setting time and complete strength gain in a period of 2-24 Hours which makes the repaired area ready for immediate use.

In Navie Teknokem, we offer wide range of repair materials for the quick and fast rectification works for the repair of Beams, Columns, Slabs and Concrete Pavements.

  • Fast Setting Polymer Repair Mortars
  • Crack Filling Mortar
  • Vertical & Overhead Repair Mortars
  • Fast Setting Floor Screeds
  • Self-Leveling Over-Layment

Navie Teknokem provides spectrum of products for repair of old structures & maintenance new structures. We offer wide range of grouting solutions for the customers.

  • Cementitious Grouting
  • Cementitious Grouting
  • Non Shrinkage Grouting
  • Poly Urethane Grouting
  • Polymer Grout
  • Re-Injectable System
  • Expanding PU foams and swellable acrylates

Major areas of our grouting applications are

  • Grouting of Heavy Machineries Base Plate
  • Grouting of Heavy Machineries Bolt Pocket
  • Crane Rail Grouting
  • Turbine and DG set Grouting
  • Equipment Foundation Strengthening
  • Slab Jacking
  • Water Proofing Systems


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