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Navie Enterprises is our sister concern is one of the largest manufactures of Grout Injection Pump & Packers in the construction industries for decades. Navie Enterprises focus on manufacturing special equipment which ease the work burden and which are not easily available in the market. Navie Enterprises has dedicated manufacturing unit & service center to deliver the delightful service before and after purchase.

Resin Injection Pump – (Electrical)

Single Component Electrically Operated Injection Pump for injecting Epoxy & PU Resins

Model VN – E300
Weight 13 Kg
Electrical Power AC 220V / 700W
Max Pressure 4300 psi
Delivery Maximum 2 Litre/ min

Resin Injection Pump – ( manual )


Hand Operated High Pressure Piston Pump for Injecting all types of Epoxy & PU resins

Model VN – M140
Weight 14 Kg
Max Pressure 2030 Psi
Delivery Maximum 1 Litre/ min

Cement Grout Pump – (Manual)


Hand Operated Positive Diaphragm Pump for injecting high viscosity Slurries & Grouts

Model VN – MC140
Weight 8 Kg
Max Pressure 2030 Psi
Delivery Maximum 1 Litre/ min

Steel Packers

prod3 Description Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
SP – 65 13 65
SP – 75 13 75
SP – 110 13 110
SP – 200 13 200

Floor Scarifier/ Floor Planner (Electrical Push Model)


Floor Planner for Roughening and scarifying of Concrete and Epoxy resin floor

Model VN – FS200
Weight 50 Kg
Max Cutting Depth per Pass 3 mm
Cutting Width 200 mm
Motor Specifications 220V – 240V, 3 HP
Adjustable Cutting Depth Yes

Multi -Purpose Mixer Machine


Multi-Purpose Electrical Mixer Machine for Mixing Epoxy, PU and Polymer Screeds

Model VN – MM35
Weight 25 Kg
Capacity 35 L
Direction of Rotation Clock Wise (Single Direction)
Motor Specifications 220V – 240V, 3 HP

Roller Screed Box – Manual


Roller Screed Box for Uniform& Consistent Placement of Epoxy, PU and Polymer Screed

Weight 15 Kg
Standard Width Available (Custom Available)
Standard Length Available (Custom Available)
Mortar Dispenser Height 1″


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